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League Rules & Standards

NL BP INDY Continuing League

Rules & Standards

We Use "Scoresheet's Standard Rules For Continuing Leagues" With A Few Differences, They Are As Follows:

  1. We will use the same tiebreakers that we do for our August supplemental in determining draft order, for teams who finished out of the playoffs.
  2. We will have 3 supplemental drafts of 4 rounds conducted by chatroom.
  3. We will change team numbers in odd numbered years to randomly realign the divisions.
  4. In these realignment years, divisional championships and divisional standing will be ignored when determining draft order.
  5. NL eligibility will be determined by current league affiliation on the day before protection lists are due.

Supplementals Rules:
  1. Supplemental drafts will be scheduled on Thursday evenings, most likely around 9pm (Eastern Daylight Savings Time), an owner may ask his or her peers for a schedule change but there is no guarantee that it will be granted.
  2. Owners are expected to be in the chatroom at the prescribed time. If you know that you can not attend a supplemental, you must send a list of players to an attending owner for them to make picks for you.
  3. The owners who are in attendance will determine how long they will wait on someone who is not in attendance. An owner who does not attend or send a list will have until noon the next day to pick his or her players. If the owner fails to do this, he or she will be assigned players based on playing time during the current season.
  4. Draft slots for the supplemental drafts are fully tradeable before and during the draft. They are not tradeable after the chatroom draft has taken place.
Divisional standings tiebreakers are determined by looking at the following, in successive order:
  1. distance from 1st place team
  2. distance from 2nd place team
  3. distance from 3rd place team
  4. distance from 4th place team

Additional Notes:
1) The team number tiebreaker is determined by which team number is higher in even number years and which team number is lower in odd numbered years.
2) The run differential tiebreaker is determined by subtracting the total runs allowed from the total runs scored. Lowest number picks earlier in first round.
3) Eligibility for the supplemental draft will be based on a players NL affiliation at the time of the draft. If someone was traded to the NL in the past 24 hours it will be posted to the list or otherwise made public.

Supplemental Scheduling, Procedures and Tiebreakers:

  1. The first supplemental draft will be the first or second Thursday in May.

  2. a) Draft rounds will be numbered 36, 37, 38 and 39.
    b) Draft order will be determined by combining the current years won loss record on the Tuesday before the draft with the won loss record from the previous year.
    c) The draft will be serpentine.
    d) Ties will be flipflopped for the second 2 rounds.
    1. Tiebreakers:

    a. Current Season's Divisional Standings
    b. Run Differential
    c. Team Number
  3. The second supplemental draft will be held the 3rd or 4th Thursday in June.

  4. a) Players taken in the amateur draft by an NL team will be eligible whether they are signed or not.
    b) Draft order will be determined by the current season's won loss record.
    c) Draft will be from worst to first every round.
    d) Ties will be flipflopped every round.
    1. Tiebreakers:

    a. Divisional Standings
    b. Previous Season's Won-Loss Record
    c. Run Differential
    d. Team Number
  5. The third supplemental draft will be held the 1st or 2nd Thursday in August.

  6. a) Draft order will be determined by current season's won-loss record.
    b) Draft will be worst to first every round.
    1. Tiebreakers:

    a. Divisional Standing
    b. Run Differential
    c. Team Number

Changes Voted Into Effect Will Start The Following Season

"... this all may sound a little more hard core or confusing than it actually is ...
we have been somewhat lenient in the past."
Andy Rasor - February 19, 2006

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