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About Us

About Us

In 2003, Baseball ProspectusTM teamed with Scoresheet SportsTM to create a handful of regional fantasy baseball leagues. NL BP Indy is a product of this partnership. There are only two of these leagues still in existence, the other is AL BP NorCal. NL BP Indy comprises 10 teams playing a balanced schedule, in 2 divisions, with two wild-cards. We are twelve baseball fanatics from many walks of life, in 5 different states, and 4 different time zones.

Knowledgeable Owners | Deep Drafting | Heavy Trading Around Drafts

We're now forming a waiting list for prospective owners (2016 and beyond). We're a continuing NL Only league, starting our 12th season, so we have history and amenities; like this website, chat rooms, our yearly LIVE DRAFT and more. Supplemental drafts are held via our chat rooms.

The LIVE DRAFT will usually be held on or near March 22nd, each year, somewhere in or near the greater Indianapolis, Indiana area. The 2010 draft was based at the Oaken Barrel Brewing Company, in Greenwood, Indiana.

To add your name to the waiting list please contact the Webmaster today. If a team becomes available we will verify your intent, after which, all normal transactions MUST take place through Scoresheet SportsTM before team ownership could be assigned. Thanks for your time and consideration.